Le journal intime d'une maman tout simplement

I was mandated to create the illustrations of the book as well as the cover.  

Here's a description of the book from the author : 

In this little book, I will tell you about the months after I gave birth, this life change we go through when we become parents, and the feelings that take hold of us.

But above all, I will share with you my experience, my adventures. At the end of the book, you will be able to find a small page of tips and tricks that I wish I had known before some adventures happened, and others that I could discover on my own or thanks to friends who had already experienced situations similar to mine. In short, all those little things that are so precious to us to get through every stage that a new mom can go through.

You will be able to discover the months that I have just lived step by step, hardship after hardship, but also my moments of pure happiness and love with this new family that is being built every day before my eyes.

I hope to give you a smile, and the strength to have confidence in yourself and the desire to fully live each moment that passes with the beings you love.